Welcome to the Madness of Originator J!

Maker's Mark

My Maker's Mark

What up homie? I'm Jake and I make stuff by hand. I made this html site too. This site showcases what I make.

I use leather, wood, brass, patterning and patinated surfaces.

Words I like: verdigris, chatoyance, nacreous, marbling, burnished, striation, contrast, dichotomy

Sometimes I experiment with natural materials I can find.

I live out in the jungle, windward side Hawaii island. My shop is solar powered.

Get in touch with me for custom orders

email: bananaduckenterprises@gmail.com

call/text: 808-989-0092

I keep the site simple so I can easily update it.


Passport Case 1

Shoulder Strap

Pan Set

Cash payment is preferred.

Also accept Paypal and process credit cards thru Square.

Currently entertaining trade deals including: